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Green Energy Thrust

Nanoscale Optoelectronic Materials and Devices for Energy Conversion
Nanostructure of materials and interfaces is a key issue in achieving improved efficiencies for organic photovoltaic devices (OPV) and organic light emitting diodes (OLED).

One Dimensional Semi-Conducting Architectures for Hybrid Solar Cells
Santra's lab is synthesizing CdTe nanorods/nanowires for making solution processable CdTe/P3HT hybrid film.

Conductive Supramolecular Assemblies with High Charge Mobility
As more strain is placed on current energy supplies, due to increasing demand, solar energy will become an indispensable addition to available energy resources.

Computer Modeling for the Energy Conversion Technologies of the Future
One of the research directions in my group is theory and modeling of energy conversion processes and design of functional materials used for that purpose.

Catalysts for Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells and Alternative Energy Sources
It is of crucial importance to find suitable catalysts for the electrochemical oxidation of alcohols (ethanol and methanol) for use in direct alcohol fuel cells.

Schottky Based Gas Sensors
An investigation of the science of porosity for semiconductors and their applicability for resistivity based gas sensors.

Novel molecular electroluminescent devices: Redox Active Dendrimers and Ligands
The integration of electrochemistry and scanning probe microscopy will permit the preparation of desired surface morphologies based on redox active molecules.

Integrated Photovoltaic Device Development
Dr. Ming Su's group has fabricated vertical glass spike arrays using glass fiber drawing and differential etching, followed by the plasmon enhanced chemical vapor deposition of conductive oxide thin films.