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Imaging and Spectroscopy of Biological Systems
The extreme sensitivity of single molecule laser scanning confocal microscopy allows us to detect the presence of a single molecule or nanoparticle.

Cancer Biomarker Detection
In molecular diagnostics, Dr. Perez's group is interested in the early diagnosis of cancer.

Cancer Imaging
In the field of molecular imaging, Dr. Perez's group aims to develop mutimodal imaging modalities for cancer imaging.

Targeted Cancer Therapy
Dr. Perez's lab designs and synthesizes novel polymeric nanoparticles suitable for targeted imaging and drug delivery.

Pathogen and Toxin Detection
Dr. Perez's laboratory is actively developing magnetic nanosensors for the rapid detection of microbiological agents in complex media.

Nanoparticle Technologies
This research focuses on the development of nanoparticle technologies and their application in nanomedicine, molecular imaging, and molecular diagnostics.

Multimodal Quantum Dots for Imaging
Research in my laboratory focuses on the development of multimodal biodegradable/biocompatible nanoprobe sensors.