Dong Research Group @ UCF


Dr. Yajie Dong, Ph.D.
University of Central Florida
12424 Research Parkway
Suite 483
Orlando, FL 32826
Fax: 407.882.2819


The group is broadly interested in materials challenges in nanoelectronics, optoelectronics, and energy technology, particularly in nonvolatile resistive switches for information storage, quantum dot-based light emitting devices (QLEDs), organic-inorganic hybrid solar cells, and new battery materials and architectures for large-scale energy storage.

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The group is looking for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows with background and interest in materials and devices. Please have a look at our research page. If interested, please send your CV to

Dong Research Group @ UCF  •  Email:  •  Fax: 407.882.2819