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Advanced Microfabrication Facility

AutoGlow Plasma Asher EVG 620 Dual Sided Mask Aligner

The Advanced Microfabrication Facility (AMF) is a multi-user cleanroom facility dedicated to provide university researchers and industrial and government partners the capabilities to perform cutting edge research, and training and education of students in the use of the available equipment for fabrication and testing of microdevices. AMF consists if a 600 sq. ft. class 100 facility and a 2500 sq. ft. class 1000 facility.

The AMF is supported by a research associate, a graduate student assistant, and a facilities coordinator to assist all users in use of and training on the AMF equipment. Collaboration of UCF researchers with other universities, government agencies, and industrial companies is strongly encouraged.

Available Equipment/Techniques

Lithographic Processing

Thin Film Processing

  • AJA Six-Gun Sputtering System
  • AJA Three-Gun Sputtering System
  • AJA 2-Gun, 10 Pocket E-Beam System with Ion-Assist Source
  • CHA E-Beam Evaporation
  • EVG 510 Wafer Bonder
  • Plasma Technology - RIE
  • Edwards Filament Evaporator
  • Cryo Filament Evaporation
  • Cryo Small Single Sputtering

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