Tetard Research Group


Laurene Tetard

Laurene Tetard, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
NanoScience Technology Center
Physics Department
Email: Laurene.Tetard@ucf.edu

Graduate Students

Yi Ding

Yi Ding

Major: Materials Science and Engineering
Interest: philosophy, physics, astronomy and piano
Mikhael Soliman

Mikhael Soliman

Major: Materials Science and Engineering
Background: B. Sc. Materials Engineering (German University in Cairo, Egypt)
Interest: nanomaterials and their applications in biology and biomedicine
Negar Otrooshi

Negar Otrooshi


Morgan Laco, Code School, Orlando, FL

Eric Calkins, graduated with his B.Sc. Physics, joining M.Sc. Nanoscience in Fall 2015

• co-author in “Mode Synthesizing Atomic Force Microscopy for 3D reconstruction of embedded low density dielectric nanostructure”, NanoResearch, 2015. DOI: 10.1007/s12274-015-0728-8
• Won 2nd place at the Florida AVS poster session, category “Undergraduate research

Brandon Wolfson

• co-author in “Effect of N-acetyl cysteine coated CdS: Mn/ZnS quantum dots on seed germination and seedling growth of snow pea: imaging and spectroscopic studies” published in Environmental Science: Nano, 2015

Briana Lee,UCF, recipient of the Michael J. & Kathy E. Rovito Public Health Scholarship

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