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Members 2013

  • Jen Archer

    - Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Microbiology.
    Targeting oncogenic RNAs via Fab antibodies (Fabs) - more specifically tethering Fabs to quantum dots in order to track their delivery into breast and pancreatic cancer cells
  • Srijita Basumallick

    - Ph.D. in Chemistry
    Study of water-soluble fluorescent chitosan polymers, nanoparticles and vesicles
  • Mikaeel Young

    - M.S. in Biotechnology
    Study of mixed-valence copper loaded silica nanocomposite materials
  • Jeremy Tharkur

    - M.S. in Molecular Biology and Microbiology
    Study of extra-cellular and intra-cellular environment of bacteria using fluorescent quantum dots
  • Megan Berroth

    - M.S. in Biotechnology
    Study of zinc based bactericides
  • Joshua Bazata

    - M.S. in Biotechnology
    Study of silver biocides with h3 surface retention properties
  • Andrew Teblum

    - M.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies
    Study of fluorescent nanorods for heavy metal ion detection
  • Dr. Parthiban Rajasekaran

    - Postdoctoral Research Associate
    Study of basic interaction of agricultural pesticides with bacteria
  • Smruti Das

    - Research Associate
    Plant proteomics approach to study interaction of nanomaterials with plant tissue
  • Rikhav Shah

    - Lake Highland Preparatory School
    Detection of toxic heavy metals in drinking water using fluorescent quantum dots
  • Antonia Bass

    - UG Biomolecular Sciences
    Study of zinc based bactericides
  • Karishma Cantarero

    - UG Biomolecular Sciences
    Study of non-cadmium based fluorescent quantum dots

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