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ORC-NSTC Doctoral Fellowship

Stipend: $25,000 in year one; years 2-4 variable based on program assistantship stipend levels
Duration: 1 yr fellowship support; 3 yrs graduate assistantship support
Eligibility: all new doctoral students

Latest News

January 2017

Dr. Jung’s Research Featured on ACS Nano Cover


Dr. Eric Jung's work has been featured on the cover of ACS Nano. The cover article features additional coverage of Dr. Jung's Core/Shell Nanowire Supercapacitor research. More specifically, the article details a new type of “one-body” supercapacitors has been developed by chemically converting flexible tungsten foils to one-dimensional (1D) nanowires with conformal two-dimensional (2D) tungsten sulfide (WS2) layers.

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December 2016

Tyler Maxwell Named Outstanding Graduate Student by ACS


Tyler Maxwell, a Ph.D. student in Associate Professor Swadeshmukul Santra’s lab in the Chemsitry Department at UCF, has been named Outstanding Graduate Student by the Orlando section of the American Chemical Society (ACS).Maxwell was nominated by Associate Professor and collaborator Andre Gesquiere for his educational outreach and in applying discoveries in the lab to start a business. Maxwell, who plans to work as a researcher on the design and discovery of novel nanotherapeutics, received a plaque and a $200 check at the awards luncheon on Dec. 3.

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