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                        Sept 2008: Tanmay Bera joins our group, coming from the Asian

                                          Institute of Technology (Bangkok, Thailand).


                        Aug 2008:  Dr. Perez is invited to the US Army's Edgewood

                                          Chemical Biology Center at the Aberdeen Proving

                                          Ground, MD, where he gave a presentation.


                        Aug 2008:  Atul presented a poster at the 236th ACS National

                                          Exposition and Meeting in Philadelphia, PA.


                        June 2008: Dr. Perez attends the NSTI Nanotech 2008 conference

                                          in Boston, MA, where he gave two presentations.


                        May 2008: The Perez group attends the Particles 2008

                                         conference in Orlando, FL. Dr. Perez gave an oral

                                         presentation, whereas Dr. Nath and Bambos each       

                                         had a poster presentation.


                        May 2008: The Perez group's paper on nanoceria's pH-dependent

                                         cytoprotection is published at Small.


                        Apr 2008:  Atul receives a best poster award at UCF's Research



                        Feb 2008:  The Perez group is featured at the main page of

                                         UCF. A detailed article on the use of gold nanoparticles

                                         for the determination of bacterial resistance and

                                         susceptibility to antibiotics is included at UCF's News

                                         section (Link). This article receives worldwide

                                         attention, being reproduced in many scientific and

                                         medical websites and forums. 


                        Aug 2007: Oscar joins the Perez group.


                        May 2007: The Perez group moves to its new labs at UCF's



                        Jan  2007:  Dr. Santimukul Santra joins our group.


                        June 2006: Atul joins our group.


                        May 2006:  Dr. Perez and his group attend Particles 2006 in

                                          Orlando, FL. Dr. Perez gives an oral presentation and

                                          Dr. Nath a poster one.


                        Mar 2006:  Our group receives its Bruker 0.47T magnetic



                        Jan 2006:  Dr. Nath and Bambos join Dr. Perez's group.