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Dr. James Hickman's Hybrid Systems Lab

The Hybrid Systems Lab is located on the fourth floor of the Research Pavilion, in UCF's Research Park

Cell Culture Laboratory
The Cell Culture Laboratory is a two room work complex devoted to neuronal cell culture, totaling more than 800 sq ft., that is outfitted with HEPA filters for both the intake air and for air recirculated in the room. We have a 6 ft and two 4 ft Labconco laminar flow biological hoods, a -80°C freezer, a -20°C freezer, a 0-4°C refrigerator, three microscopes, four incubators and two centrifuges. We also have an imaging system and a laptop computer.

Electrophysiology Lab
The Electrophysiology Laboratory is a two room, state-of-the-art laboratory complex, totaling more than 800 sq ft., adjacent and connecting to the cell culture laboratory. It is equipped with two dual patch-clamp electrophysiology rigs.

Chemistry Lab
The Chemistry Laboratory is an 1160 sq ft. laboratory containing all the necessary equipment for preparing and analyzing SAM modified surfaces; including a 193 nm Lambda Physik Excimer Laser, inert atmosphere glove box, balances, fume hoods, and a contact goniometer as well as other minor equipment.

Biochemistry Lab
The Biochemistry Laboratory is a 564 sq ft. laboratory containing a Bio-Tech multi-well plate spectrophotometer, a quartz crystal mass balance, two computers, and all relevant biochemical equipment necessary for this project, including a balance, a MilliQ water deionizing system, a pH meter, a sonicator, several water baths, and an orbital shaker.

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