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Nano-Optics Group

  • 3D Large Area Laser Lithography System (Nanoscribe GmbH)
3D Laser Lithography     3D Laser Lithography 3D Chiral Photonic Crystal (Nanoscribe GmbH)     Free-Standing 3D micro-structure (Nanoscribe GmbH)     Free-Standing 3D micro-structure (Nanoscribe GmbH)     Free-Standing 3D micro-structure
  • LIVE Demo: 3D Laser Lithography (Click here to see the live 3D writing)
    • Microscope-Coupled FTIR UV-VIS-NIR-MIR (Hyperion-Vertex, Bruker Inc.) attached with IR Integrating Sphere and Stage Heater
    Microscope-Coupled FTIR     Microscope and FTIR Detectors
  • UHV E-Beam Evaporation and Magnetron Sputtering Systems (AJA International Inc.)
  • UHV E-Beam Evaporator     Magnetron Sputtering
  • Atomic Layer Deposition System (Oxford)
  • UHV Magnetron Sputtering System
  • neaSpec unified Scattering Nearfield Optical Microscope (SNOM), nano-FTIR, nano-Imaging and Ultrafast Pump-Probe system
  • NSOM
  • Goniometer - Contact Angle Measurement Setup (Kruss Scientific)
  • Goniometer
  • Infrared Ellipsometer (J.A. Woollam )
  • IR_Ellipsometer
  • Bench-Top Equipments
    • Cryogenic Setup
    • Quantum Cascade Lasers (3-5 and 8-12 micron)
    • Probe Station
    • Isotemp Digital Hotplate
    • Spincoat G3P-8 Programmable Digital Spin Coater
    • UV Lamp
    • Baking Ovens
    • Sonicator
    • Lock-In Amplifier and Chopper
    • High Power AC/DC Amplifier
    • Cavity Blackbody Source
    • Signal Generators
    • Oscilloscope

    Nano-Optics Research Group  •  Email:  •  Phone: 407.823.4575  •  Fax: 407.882.2819