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Selected Journal Publications

  1. Vázquez-Guardado, Abraham, Mehta, Freya, Jimenez, Beatriz, Biswas, Aritra, Ray, Keval, Baksh, Aliyah, Lee, Sang, Saraf, Nileshi,Seal, Sudipta and Debashis Chanda, “Genetically Modified Plasmonic Sensor for Direct Detection of Virus Biomarkers from the Blood”, Nano Letters , (in Revision), 2021
  2. Joong Hoon Lee, Yeong Jae Kim, Young Jin Yoo, Sehui Chang, Gil Ju Lee, Joo Hwan Ko, Kyung Muk Kang, Debashis Chanda, and Young Min Song, “Colored, Covert Infrared Display through Hybrid Planar- Plasmonic Cavities”, Advanced Optical Materials , 2100429, 2021
  3. Rinku Saran, David Foxa,Lei Zhai and Debashis Chanda, “Non-wettable Fullerite Films”, Advanced Materials , (Accepted), 2021
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  5. Manobina Karmakar, Sayantan Bhattacharya, Subhrajit Mukherjee, Barun Ghosh, Rup Kumar Chowdhury, Amit Agarwal, Samit Kumar Ray, Debashis Chanda*, Prasanta Kumar Datta*, “Observation of Dynamic Screening in the Excited Exciton States in Multi-Layered MoS2”, Physical Review B , vol. 103, pp. 075437, 2021. (*Corresponding Authors)
  6. Mashiyat Sumaiya Shawkat, Shihab Bin Hafiz, Molla Manjurul Islam, Sohrab Alex Mofid, Mohammad M. Al Mahfuz, Aritra Biswas, Hee-Suk Chung, Emmanuel Okogbue, Tae-Jun Ko, Debashis Chanda, Tania Roy, Dong-Kyun Ko,Yeonwoong Jung, “Scalable Van der Waals Two-Dimensional PtTe2 Layers Integrated onto Silicon for Efficient Near-to-Mid Infrared Photodetection”, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces , vol. 13, pp. 15542−15550, 2021.
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  8. Daniel Franklin, Ziqian He, Pamela Mastranzo Ortega, Alireza Safaei, Pablo Cencillo-Abad,Shin-Tson Wu and Debashis Chanda, “Self-Assembled Plasmonics for Angle-Independent Structural Color Displays with Actively Addressed Black States”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), doi/10.1073/pnas.2001435117, 2020.
  9. Alireza Safaei, Sayan Chandra, Muhammad Waqas Shabbir, Michael N. Leuenberger, and Debashis Chanda, “Dynamically Tunable Graphene based Uncooled Long Wave Infrared Detection and Imaging”, Nature Communications, DOI:10:3498, 2019.
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  12. ZIQIAN HE, GUANJUN TAN,DEBASHIS CHANDA*,SHIN-TSON WU*, “Novel liquid crystal photonic devices enabled by two-photon polymerization [INVITED]”, Optics Express, vol.27, pp. 11472-11491, 2019. (*Corresponding Authors)
  13. Abraham Vázquez-Guardado, Swetha Barkam, Madison Peppler, Aritra Biswas, Dennis Wessley, Soumen Das, Sudipta Seal, Debashis Chanda, “Enzyme-Free Plasmonic Biosensor for Direct Detection of Neurotransmitter Dopamine from Whole Blood”, Nano Letters, vol.19, pp. 449-454, 2019.
  14. Alireza Safaei,Sayan Chandra, Michael Leuenberger,Debashis Chanda, “Wide Angle Dynamically Tunable Enhanced Infrared Absorption on Large Area Nanopatterned Graphene”, ACS Nano, vol. 13,pp. 421-428, 2019.
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  17. [*Has been selected by LSA for Web of Science Special Topic target promotion and press coverage]
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  22. Daniel Franklin,Matthew George,James Fraser, Debashis Chanda, “Atomic Layer Deposition Tuning of Subwavelength Aluminum Grating for Angle-Insensitive Plasmonic Color”, ACS Applied Nano Materials,1800216, DOI: 10.1021/acsanm.8b01147,2018.
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  25. [*Selected for the Special issue on "Applied Plasmonics" by Advanced Optical Materials]
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    • Selected for the Best of Advanced Optical Materials - 2014 Edition
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    • Selected for cover image ( Nature Nanotechnology , July 2011 edition
    • Appeared as featured article of ( Nature Nanotechnology , June-July 2011
    • News & Views: "A stamp of quality" by Dr. Richard D. Averitt, appearing in Nature Nanotechnology, June-July 2011
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