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Welcome to NanoScience Technology Center (NSTC) at the University of Central Florida (UCF) where the mission is to establish a cutting-edge research program in materials and nanotechnology… Read the complete announcement

Graduate Studies in NanoScience Technology



ORC-NSTC Doctoral Fellowship

Stipend: $25,000 in year one; years 2-4 variable based on program assistantship stipend levels
Duration: 1 yr fellowship support; 3 yrs graduate assistantship support
Eligibility: all new doctoral students

Latest News

July 2022

Recent UCF Graduates Have Accepted Tenure-track Positions at Top Universities


A tenure-track position is the unicorn of academia, but students are finding jobs after earning their doctorate degrees at UCF and going onto places like NC State, Notre Dame, and the University of Toronto.

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June 2022

UCF Researchers Develop Technology for AI that Mimics the Human Eye


The device could lead to advanced artificial intelligence that can instantly recognize what it sees and has applications in self-driving vehicles and robotics.

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June 2022

Another Record Year for UCF — 8 NSF CAREER Award Winners


The recipients are engineers who work with interdisciplinary teams to solve tech and health problems.

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May 2022

'Brain-on-a-Chip' Technology Advances Toward a New Form of Drug Screening


Brain-on-a-chip simulated models hold the potential to revolutionize and accelerate the way new drugs are discovered.

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April 2022

UCF Researchers Create Brain-like Devices to Enable AI in Remote Regions and Space


Researchers at the University of Central Florida are developing new devices that will allow artificial intelligence (AI) to work from anywhere, without connecting to the internet.

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Emerging Energy Materials: Joule Heating and Wood
Liangbing (Bing) Hu, Ph.D
Monday, November 21, 2022

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